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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in UK - 2019

Past several years have been tremendously interesting and informative in regards to technology, especially in the artificial intelligence (AI) field. What was initially only residing in human imagination and theoretical techniques has now evolved and entered core businesses across industry verticals to transform the digital world currently known to humankind. From sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and healthcare to services such as customer engagement and marketing, AI has penetrated every possible business aspect and is positively bringing drastic transformation in each of those.

Today, in the age of big data, predictive analytics is the most adopted and utilized AI technique. Be it insurance, healthcare, retail, or entertainment, predictive analytics applications and software have carved out a unique niche in every business sector. In retail, predictive analytics software address various business elements; be it the need to mine data to extract valuable insights from them and predict business growth or offer lucrative deals and discounts to customers according to their purchase history and other behavioural patterns. The surge in data is also expected to act as a catalyst in increasing the usage of cloud-based AI software. As such large amount of data would require additional attention for structuring, which is no longer possible with manual or current traditional methods, which are time and cost consuming.

At the top is the adoption of deep learning by modelling the functions and structure of human in an endeavour to develop algorithms that mimic the artificial neural networks. Practical applications powered by such algorithms prove highly beneficial in computer vision, autonomous vehicles, automatic text generation, and more. These applications can further be employed in healthcare for diagnosing and monitoring illness accurately, in the automotive sector to power self-driving vehicles, and in banking to detect and authenticate documents such as passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and checks.

Facial recognition is yet another AI trend that has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Face recognition has replaced traditional security methods such as passwords to become a dominant biometric authentication technique in smart phones and other digital devices. 

Recently, internet of things (IoT), cloud, and hybrid integration are also being included in the realms of AI to further innovate the AI-powered applications and software, and this edition of CIOReview brings some of those and more solutions of AI in the forefront. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of CIOReview has selected the top 10 Most Promising AI Solution Providers of 2019 in the UK to help retailers associate with a reliable AI solution provider. The companies featured in the current edition have been hand-picked based on their capability to drive higher customer engagement for firms and provide unparalleled support and guidance to their clients. Their offerings range from incorporating and leveraging AI for data analytics and predictive analytics to identity and access management and security purposes.

We present to you CIOReview’s ‘Top 10 Most Promising AI Solution Providers of 2019 in the UK’

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in UK

  • Artificial Intelligence Business Solutions analyses its customers’ business and mines the resulting intelligence to create tiered AI solutions for the end-users uniquely

  • Provides a natural language processing (NLP) driven platform for businesses to fully utilize, test, and manage powerful conversational AI chatbots to make informed decisions consistently and at scale

  • Specializes in emotion measurement, machine learning, emotional intelligence, advertising effectiveness, video marketing, computer vision, creative testing, and media intelligence



    A next-generation data intelligence solution provider, AVORA delivers cost-effective, machine learning powered, Business Intelligence as a Service. They consolidate data from hundreds of sources within an organization, allowing access to users to analyze and act on the information that’s important to them. For all the common challenges with legacy big data & business intelligence programmes, AVORA will help their clients perform better in various ways by reducing cost, removing complexity, and accelerating insights. They specialize in business intelligence, anomaly detection, business performance, business analytics, data analytics, analytics, BI, and machine learning

  • Blackford


    A trusted provider of a single platform for quick access, Blackford Analysis manages a curated marketplace of regulatory approved medical image analysis applications and AI algorithms that add clinical value. These solutions are known to be easily integrated into existing workflows, their unique platform provides information that allows healthcare providers to use imaging information smartly and reduce the cost of care, while improving diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes. Blackford Analysis has also worked with leading hospitals, radiology groups, imaging centers and technology providers to deliver automated solutions that help healthcare professionals add clinical value, improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes at lower cost

  • Flexciton


    An award winning company, Flexciton is building cutting edge, intelligent planning and scheduling software to help end-users of industrial machinery improve operational efficiency and reduce operational cost, powered by our patented AI algorithms. Through combined technical experience in optimization, data science and computer programming they uncover how insights could be learnt from an industrial data to drive serious efficiency improvements. Flexciton's mission to make industrial efficiency improvements that would be impossible for a human to do on their own. In addition, it also helps in optimization, data analytics, reduce operational cost, data-driven modeling, and machine learning

  • Graphcore


    The company designs the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) systems to lower the cost of accelerating AI applications in cloud and enterprise data centers to increase the performance of both training and inference. Graphcore has created a new IPU, specifically designed for artificial intelligence. The IPU’s unique architecture allows developers to run current machine learning models orders of magnitude faster. More importantly, it lets AI researchers undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next great breakthroughs in general machine intelligence

  • Growth Intelligence

    Growth Intelligence

    Growth Intelligence is a pioneering UK AI vendor, aimed at helping businesses maximize their B2B marketing efforts through the power of machine learning. The company's technology goes beyond the traditional “black and white” sets of data, for example, firmographics, and mines more subtle and nuanced information or signals from all over the open web, on every UK business. These signals are woven into unique AI prediction models that identify high-converting prospects, predict their value and the best time to contact

  • Intent HQ

    Intent HQ

    Intent HQ looks at the people behind the data to assist businesses to move from ‘customer-centric’ to a ‘human-centric’ view; enabling to know who to market to, creating more helpful service interactions, shaping strategy and predicting customer behavior. The company's human first approach generates new intelligence in every customer moment enabling businesses to automate and operationalize insight. Primarily, the company is building Customer AI to make better-informed customer decisions. AI that creates a deeply human representation of each customer from data. A representation that understands what a person is trying to do at any moment in time, and provide the intelligence to help them do it. Privacy built in

  • Io-Tahoe


    Io-Tahoe offers smart data discovery and AI-driven catalog product that enables enterprises to accelerate to next-generation data management practices, radically improving data governance and regulatory compliance while driving significant advancements in business analytics and technological transformation. The company's Smart Data Discovery and AI-Driven Data Catalog solutions make it simple for organizations to automatically discover and search all their enterprise data. Io-Tahoe's easy to use platform provides its clients with the ability to derive insights from their data

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